Life Drawing : Anatomy for the Artist

This is a collection of works from my class Life Drawing. In this class we were being taught the proper way to draw a human form and all of it's beauty. In order to do so we needed to learn the bones and muscles within the body that form it's exterior. The majority of the class was focused on this topic, so we could walk out being able to draw almost any human body.


These particular works were my main weekly projects. According to which part of the body we were focusing on we had to draw the structure within a given picture. Each picture we were given was from a famous artist, but all them were just exterior drawings of the body. We had to draw the interiors, basically draw the x-ray of the given figure. The final project was to draw a self portrait. This was one of the hardest and most painful things I've done in my life. It did not come out perfect, but if you can tell from my eyes in the drawing I was struggling to stay awake late that night. Once completed I have never felt so accomplished in my life. To recognize yourself through a creation of your own hand is an incredible feeling. 

There are about 100+ sketches and drawings done with live models in the class, but those will stay in my archive until I find time to scan them all.