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The Dead collection is an ongoing group of art pieces that explore the darker side of my mind. Lately, I have been questioning my relationship with my computer, and how it has become my tool for creation. I'm surrounded by wires, screens, and LED's. I feel like I'm stuck in this room screaming in my head begging to escape. 

I don't really know what the true meaning of the dead collection is to be honest. But, I think that is what makes it some of my favorite art that I have ever made. It's lost, yet thought-provoking in it's ambiguity. I find myself staring at these pieces trying to find meaning in them just as a regular viewer would. 

There will be a piece for each season of the coming year. Dead of Winter is the first of 2023, Dead of Spring will be the next to follow. There is no particular plan for how they will be made, but they will all be digital art pieces of some form. By the end they will form a group of stills called the Dead Collection.

Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter:


Dead of Winter at the start was just an excuse to learn Unreal Engine. But, then it eventually became something larger and more impactful. The idea came from a few renders I did in Octane and Houdini. I wanted to rip my hair out because of the slow, lagging, stuttery experience I had been accustomed to. Jumping into Unreal, and experiencing Realtime Raytracing for the first time, felt like getting a new canvas, fresh paint and brushes. 

I was fucking free! I could do whatever the fuck I wanted and no one could tell me otherwise...except my GPU. 

Regardless of my computers limits, I had a new platform that would test the limits of my 3D skills. I knew everything I imported into Unreal needed to be optimized for performance, but that honestly made me more productive. I had to make faster, more accurate decisions, and had to use my other software skills as an advantage rather than a crutch. 


C4D Blocking and Character posing

Houdini particle setup and sim

Unreal scene setup and build

Unreal blood material

Unreal Camera Spherical versus Anamorphic Lens

C4D Octane baking material

Dead of Spring

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