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Paranoia is an experimental music video I made for my song of the same title. I was trying out a bunch of new ideas: playing with scale, creating simulations in different softwares, combination of 2D and 3D animation, compositing, etc. 

Like many of my other projects, the main focus was to use the visuals to emphasize the emotions in the song. 

I tried to have as few hard cuts in the video as possible. Most of the sequences have overlapping elements that keep the cuts more smooth and less harsh.

There was also this focus on the camera as the story teller. The camera moves the viewer through the story being told. Almost like a moving picture book, or a castelet.

Throughout the whole piece I tried to imgaine these visuals on a large LED screen behind a DJ, or musician. The musician would only fill about the bottom third of the screen.

Visuals at that scale with a strong performer would be an incredible concert experience. 



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