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I have always been a huge fan of Flume's music, as well as Jonathon Zawada's animations. They both have inspired and influenced a lot of my work, so I wanted to make a tribute

piece to them. 

The idea for the animation came from a reacurring dream I had as a child. There was this Monarch Butterfly that would fly around and land on my nose. I would look around and see my body covered in hundreds of beautiful butterflies. Later in my life, I found out that this dream was actaully a memory of when I visited a butterfly sanctuary for the first time.

The song 'When Everything Was New,' always brought back this memory, along with many others of my childhood. I started to become very nostalgic, and wanted to bring these memories back to reality.  


I dove deep into old VHS tapes, and toys I had when I was kid. I collected some great footage and even found my first iPod. I never wanted to let these things go, but knew that in order to grow I had to leave some things behind. 



The process behind this animation was pretty straight forward. Though, compared to my older animations this piece was a HUGE leap in scale. I really wanted to push the limits of the narrative, but that also required me to push the limits of my technical skills. 

Better textures, larger environments, more simulations, and an animated creature. Most of these things went quite smoothly. The only thing that required most of my time was the glass simulation.

Fractured Glass

I played around with fractured objects in Houdini first, but didn't know how I could get the simulation to fit in the Cinema 4D scene. So, I decided to just do the whole thing in C4d. I ended up creating a plane, and fractured it using a image texture I drew. I then made the fractured pieces Dynamic, and timed their forces to activate when the iPod hit the plane. Once activated, the Dynamic pieces were pushed away from each other using an attractor force with a negative attraction. To finish it off I left some pieces on the outside of the plane static so it would comp together better in the final scene. 

In order to get the the nice little glass particles I just took the entire simulation and shrank it to a microscopic size. The rest was just timing and animating the forces. 

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