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X-RAY is a personal project I've been slowly picking at for the past couple years. In the end I want it to be a short film that ties into the story of my album of the same title. 

The film is an abstraction of feelings and emotions that you hear throughout the album. The visuals draw a lot of influence from things of my childhood such as: CRT TV's, VHS tapes, Vinyl's, 90's Cartoons, Psycadelic Rock, and Grunge/ Punk. I tried fusing these things with my current day interests such as: Digital art, Anime, Electronic music, EDM, and so on. 

Overall I really wanted this deep connection between sight and sound. Almost to the point where they could speak on their own, but still allow the imagination to run. Specific in the emotional sense but ambigous in their meaning/message. 

This project is very experimental in it's nature, but so was the music. The only way to learn or progress is to experiment : break some boundaries or limits. 



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