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ULTRAMARINE is a music video that  my friend Dan Rothbart and I made together. We both are huge fans of Quiet Bison's music so we thought we'd just make a concept music video as tribute to his work. 

After posting it on YouTube, Quiet Bison actually contacted us saying how much he loved the video and if we wanted to make more visuals for his next project. Sadly, Dan and I were still in school, and Quiet Bison was funding his project independently. So, we parted ways with a mutual respect for each others work and a "hey, let's talk again in the future."

Regardless of how things turned out, we are still really proud of this piece. The entire creative process was seamless, and honestly really fun. 


The original idea for the piece came from a really messing sketch Dan drew of a retro car in a box. For some reason I understood exactly what he was trying to do. He wanted to create an infinity mirror display case with a toy car in it. 

We barely slept for the next two weeks. All we did was sit in front of my computer until we had a final product. Funny enough, the main theme of the video ended up being Insomnia.


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