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Mona San - Godrays is a music video concept for a French Electronic Artist named Mona San. He contacted me a year ago asking if my friend Dan Rothbart and I would be interested in making a series of visuals for his next album. This included: A music video, 4 looping Visualizers, and an Album Cover. 

This is Mona San's Music

Sadly, due to the pandemic and lack of funding from a label, this project for his album has been put in the backseat for the time being. Luckily, he allowed us to keep this video and all the work we did. 

When the three of us had conversations together we kept talking about our childhoods. Mona San eventually went on to say that his childhood memories are what inspired most of his music. We both agreed that as we get older, we are kind of losing touch with our innocence, and wild imaginations. So, that's why we settled on a very imaginative, colorful set of visuals. 

The intro and verse of the music video are supposed to show how we have lost our childhood. How we have left our toys behind. But, now that we have regained touch with our memories we bring these toys back to life. 


The entire animation was created in Cinema 4D and rendered with octane. The clouds were Alembic files exported from Houdini Side FX. 

Dan and I spent a lot of time art directing the scene. Every piece of the scene had a little story to tell.  Although a very tedious process, it was very important that the narrative stayed true to the theme we discussed. 

The 'Godrays,' required a little more technical attention. We wanted these rays of light to explode from the center of the toys to symbolize the spark of imagination. I kept thinking how I might make something like this, but it was honestly very simple.

All it took was an animated boolean. I used a sphere to boolean the 'ray' geometry. 

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